Warcraft 3 is quite an exhilarating game once you get going, however, getting stuck at difficult and cumbersome levels can be a nuisance. To help you easily get around such obstacles and just have fun in and with the game, here are all those Warcraft 3 cheats explained in their entirety:

1) WarpTen
The warp ten was borrowed from the popular Star wars franchise where warp10 was a means of jumping to light speed. Its purpose is somewhat similar in Warcraft as the cheat serves to ensure that building and general construction work proceeds at “super speed”; three times faster to be more specific.

2) LightsOut
If you prefer to have a bit of a twilight-esque eerie setting, then this code is what you’re looking for. Use it to instantaneously change the in-game time to dusk.

3) IseeDeadPeople
Use this cheat to improve visibility by getting rid of the infamous “fog of war” that tends to cloud up the screen every so often.

4) IocainePowder
Inspired by a real-life potent Australian poison, this cheat enables you to make quick work of those standing in your way. It speeds up dying and decaying as well.

5) WhosYourDaddy
You enemies will literally not know what hit them. WhosYourDaddy allows you and your unit to sneak up on unsuspecting opponents as it renders you invisible to them. Also, you’ll each have the ability to take out an opposition player with just one hit!

6) PointBreak
Is that pesky food limit holding you down? Then this cheat might be the answer as it enables you to surpass the confines of this restriction and expand your unit as much as you’d like.

7) StrengthAndHonor
Nothing hurts more than falling at the last possible hurdle just as you begin to see that light at the end of the tunnel. Use this code to soldier on even after a campaign defeat.

8) ThereIsNoSpoon
So what happens when there is no spoon, you can dig in however you like. ThereIsNoSpoon unlocks an endless supply of manna.

9) SomebodySetUsUpTheBomb
All you Zero Wing fans will remember this code which triggers spontaneous defeat in Warcraft.

10) TenthLevelTaurenChieftain
Light up your inner warrior flame with this code that initiates the adrenaline-driving song “Power of the Horde”.

11) KeyserSoze []
Gives you the gold amount you so desire which you can specify yourself within the parentheses. Money will no longer be a problem.

12) LeafitToMe
Just like it’s predecessor, this one grants you a specified amount of lumber enabling you to do as much building as you’d like.

13) GreedIsGood []
Wouldn’t it just be lovely to have a single cheat that gives you lumber as wells as gold? Well, actually, there is one: GreedIsGood. It enables you to acquire a certain number of both materials as stated within the parentheses. Word of caution, however; don’t get too carried away with amassing lumber or wealth as at the end of the day, the game’s success hinges solely upon your success in battle. Therefore, channel your resources towards expanding your units.

14) AllYourBaseAreBelongToUs
Another coined from the Zero Wing franchise, the cheat hands you victory once you hit “Enter”. If you are not feeling up to the tedious process of battles, you’ll find it particularly useful from time to time.

15) RiseAndShine
If you prefer to play in the glory of early morning sunlight, then this cheat allows you to do just that by changing the in-game time to a dawn setting.

16) DayLightSavings []
Change in-game time to a time you so desire by specifying it within the parentheses. If left unspecified, the code will stop the clock or enable it once more if it was halted before.

17) Motherland [race] [level]
If you can’t beat them, then why not go around them? Motherland enables you to proceed to the next level without completing the current one. A nifty trick for those seemingly unbeatable levels.

18) Synergy
Unable to meet the hefty requirements of a tech tree, then no problem! Synergy enables you to surpass all its parameters.

19) SearchAndShiny
For all your research upgrade needs, this cheat code has got you covered! Knowledge is power quite literally in Warcraft and SearchAndShiny enables you to make the most out of your research work.

20) TheDudeAbides
The code is an equivalent of a reset button for the games’ cooldowns. You can throw caution to the wind and use special items without falling prey to the liability of cooldowns which can hinder your chances of triumph on the battlefield. It is best used on shared cooldown items as opposed to its isolated counterparts.

21) WhoIsJohnGalt
Research is certainly not the most interesting part of Warcraft so why no scurry through the process with this cheat code that not only enables but also speeds up research.

22) ItVexesMe
If for some reason you don’t fancy winning, then ItVexesMe is the code to use as it will disable all the necessary conditions to ensure a victory is impossible.

So there you have it folks, 22 Warcraft 3 cheats to help you navigate the murky waters of the Warcraft world. These cheats aren’t case sensitive so just hit “Enter” during the game, type one in with no spacing in-between then hit “Enter” again. An approval message should appear afterwards to indicate that you’re good to go. Be sure to use the cheats strategically otherwise good luck!

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