Top 5 Unblocked Games Websites

At school but all gaming sites are blocked? You’re not alone. We know the struggle of trying to play games while you’re in a boring lecture or class. In fact, this page was specifically created due to a computer science teacher back in high school who thought he was smart enough to block his students(me) from playing games in class. While it’s been a long time since then, the passion for gaming has only grown.

We’ve put together the ultimate list of websites to play games on when regular websites are blocked at your school, work, or even on your home network.


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Our Top Unblocked Games Websites


1. Dadu

This website has over 100 flash games from scratch and has not been blocked on most networks that we’ve seen. There are ton of awesome games to play, one of our favories is the Raft war and Bloons Tower Defense series on there. We have had a ton of fun playing games like mario.


2. Bobert Games

This is another domain that has awesome unblocked games and not been blocked on most school networks we’ve checked. The site administrator is always adding new games and content which makes it one of our favorites. The website is based on weebly which is a highly trusted domain which allows it to bypass most school network blocks.

3. BlogBucket

This is another awesome gaming site that’s unblocked most of the time. We really love how they have sorted their games into different categories. Most websites just have an A-Z list of games that are unblocked, but this website goes above and beyond by categorizing their type and playstyle. We had a blast playing the boat battles game and hope you will too!


4. DoomsPlay Games

This is another great website to find enjoyable games on. They also have their games sorted by category. Although the sorting feature isn’t the greatest, it gets the job done and ensures that there is tons of fun to be had for you and your friends.


5. Unblocked Guru

This one comes in at the bottom of the list, but is still an awesome choice.  The reason we rated it last is due to it’s navigation features. There are no titles on the games right away so it can be a bit tedious trying to find the game you’re looking for. The best part about this website is the sheer amount of unrestricted games available to be played. This makes class go by super fast when your teacher thinks you’re actually doing your work or homework. Another one of our favorite features is that lots of these games are multiplayer, meaning you can invite some other friends at school to hop on with you and have a blast.


Overall, there are a ton of different websites that have fun unblocked games to play, however these games are not always unblocked at school. It’s important to find gaming sites you can trust. For example, if you searched for a game site in class and forgot to turn your speakers off and there was music on the homepage, that would be extremely embarrassing and get you caught. With this list of gaming websites you know exactly what you’re in for. There are no crazy ads, viruses, downloads, or other bad things.

We hope that the above sites work for you! We know that school administrators and IT professionals are constantly scouting for game websites and blocking them, so we will do our best to keep this list up to date throughout the next few years. If you have any problems or notice that these websites are blocked or not working feel free to leave us a message or comment and we will replace the websites in this article. We wish you the best of luck in your gaming endeavors and hope you’re able to get through your classes a bit easier now that you have some awesome games to play!



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