The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Game Review

The Witcher 3 is not just a continuation of the Witcher series,  they actually made something even better than the previous game titles that will keep you glued to your seats for hundreds of hours, well before you have finished the game plot.

In the game The Witcher 3, you will continue playing as the protagonist Geralt of Rivia or the “baddest” game character that you will ever get to know!

He has a silver hair, a big scar on his face, and a pair of eyes that shine like a wolf. Today, we will be talking about the game in general, what’s waiting for you and simply how enjoyable this game is.


Witcher’s are mercenaries that have trained the art of killing beasts everything from Bears to Vampires and everything in between. Your character, Geralt is an awesome Witcher that is looking for his adopted daughter that has grown up to be one of the most beautiful characters in the series.

The game is filled with really awesome content that would literally take you hours just to go through them. Since I really love the game, I spend most of the time exploring different maps since not all parts would be explored if you just stick to the main storyline.

This is also one feature that a lot of people like about The Witcher since it is an open world RPG game that demands exploration to help you progress easier all throughout. One of my favorite game features would be the romance capabilities of Geralt.

Yes, you are able to use the character and try to seduce as many maidens as the game would let you. One of the women I love in the game would be “Yennefer” a hot black-haired witch that has her own ambitions in the game.

Returning from previous game titles of the Witcher, you are also able to romance “Triss” if you choose to get her to bed with you. Aside from the intricate romance scenes of the game which we all love, the world of The Witcher is filled with awesome armors and weapons that you are able to collect and gut your opponents with.

NPC’s are really awesome in this game since it revolves in a dialogue selection progress, which means that your selection of questions and answers may lead to a different ending of the game. All of these mentioned features, coupled with awesome magic spells, bestiary, and outstanding visuals, easily make The Wither one of the best RPGs to date.

The world that you will be playing is huge and it contains surprises in every corner. Along with your trusty horse, you are able to explore the world aside from following your main quest and spend countless hours staring at the horizon.


If you are looking for an RPG game that doesn’t revolve around a linear storyline, then The Witcher is for you. You will have the chance to control a really sweet character, have romantic interests with beautiful women in the game, kill impossible monsters, liberate villages, loot and do a lot more!

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