When I saw the Division’s trailer roughly two years ago, I was so excited to see a dynamic action role-playing video game with its unique niche. I mean, back then, we didn’t have much aside from story-bound FPS games that were great with single player missions but seriously suck when it comes to the online multiplayer game aspect.

The Division brought something new to the FPS playing field and combined the excitement you get when playing survival games. Sure, there were already survival games released by the time the game was released, but not with such high-definition graphics.

Game Mechanics

The Division by Tom Clancy is a shooter game that’s set in a post-pandemic New York City. The game is playable on the two major platforms, PC and Console (PS4 & Xbox) making it not just a “one-platform based” experience. As mentioned, The Division is a shooter game set in an open world version of Manhattan with destructive environments that can be used to anyone’s advantage.

The main objective of the story is to restore order in the chaotic world by investigating the source of the virus. Now, this can easily be something that can be done in one day right? Wrong. Knowing your main goal is just the start of the game.

Your character and anyone else’s character can carry a maximum of three weapons, bombs, and kits to aid the players in battle. Speaking of battle, the world is filled with NPC (non-player characters) that are there to kill you and give you a hard time as you progress through the story. Levels are gained for you to unlock special skills and items to make your mission much easier.

In line with the environment’s destructibility, the player’s gear can also be damaged over time. There are base operations depending on the level of the game you are at. These bases have important information, assets, and last but not the least, intelligence on your current mission.

One of the most exciting things about The Division is that it features an intricate weather system that greatly changes the game experience of a player. For example, there is a night and day cycle that can change the NPC’s behavior in the game.

Alongside this are storms that will easily block your vision as you walk the streets of Manhattan. Players can take advantage of these weather features and use them to accomplish their missions.

The best place for PVP (player-versus-player) in the game would be the “Dark Zone” where all the players fight for high-end gear and weapons. In the storyline, this is the place where the virus outbreak began and due to the devastation, this placed was shut down by the military who left all their gear behind, which makes it the perfect place to loot awesome items.


Exploring the game doesn’t require you to have a squad as it is both rewarding to play alone and with your friends. Though our take on the game leans towards the multiplayer aspect of the game wherein you gather a squad, try to take on the objectives and battle opposing squads in the Dark Zone.

All-in-all, this game is on a different level compared to any shooter games out there today. If you love playing role-playing-shooter games, then this is the perfect one for you!

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