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Dice Hobbies That We Just Can’t Forget


Games have greatly advanced with the times. Today, with the advent of modern technologies, games are more digital. Video games, consoles and smart phones have taken over the gaming world, but newer times can never really replace old memories of traditional gaming methods, such as dice games.

Dice games may be simple, yet always so much fun regardless of the age of the player.

Here are eight popular games, some of which you may already know. These games are classics and have been in existence and passed on since generations ago. Chances are that you probably already know how to play some of these games or  at the very least you may have heard of some of them.

Let’s take a quick a peep and get to learning the techniques behind them, as you just may never know who you’re going to be gaming with next.

1. Banka Francesca Dice-game

Banka Francesca meaning French bank in English is a gambling game commonly played in Portuguese casinos. It is usually played with three dice on a layout table.

How To Play

Each player places their wagers on one of the three betting spaces on the layout.

Players play by placing their wagers on one of only three betting spaces on the layout. Wagers may be small, big or aces. Big is a total of 14, 15 or 16 dices. Small is total of 5, 6 or 7 dices, and Aces is a total roll of the three dices showing the one-spot.

2. Craps

The craps have an age long record of the highest game money gambling than any other game worldwide.

How To Play

The shooter makes the first pass or don’t pass and throws the dice. This first throw is known as come out-throw.

If the shooter throws a sum of 7 or 11, the game word is natural and successful player who made a pass bet, wins immediately.

If the shooter on the other hand throws a sum of 2, 3 or 12, the game word is craps and successful player who made a Pass bet, wins immediately.
Any other sum thrown by the shooter is known as player’s point.

3. Yahtzee

Also known as the Yacht, Balut, Kismet, the game is played by having the players choose the dice they want to keep. The dice will be moved down and not thrown next time the Roll Dice button is pressed.

How To Play

Each player owns some dice values in a grid, with each box scoring a particular number of points. The dice will be rolled twice and scores given to any box that corresponds to the dice.

When a roll cannot be matched to any box, it is scored a zero by the choice of the player. When the boxes get filled, the game ends.

4. Cho-Han Bakuchi

This simple traditional Japanese dice game is yet another popular gambling game. It had made some Japanese movie appearances. It is usually associated with the bakuto or mobile gamblers in ancient Japan.

How To Play

The player known as dealer will traditionally toss two dice in a cup or bowl made from bamboo hide, and upturn the cup/bowl on the floor.

Players then stake on whether total sum will be a “Cho” or “Han”, even and odd respectively.

Once the dealer reveals the dice, the winners will then proceed to collect their money. The dealer can also act as the House, and collect losing bets.

5. Farkle

Also known as Zilch, Zonk, Wimp out, 1000, Squelch or Greed, it is generally a luck game and also a classic dice game still played by many.

How To Play

Roll six dice, banking on any sum of two figures that can make up to a score-able six.

You can end your turn and retain the score that have banked, then simply roll again any non-banked dice. If a dice is rolled and you can’t bank any of them, you end up losing everything you have banked and pass your turn.

6. Liar’s Dice

Also known as the Dudo, cachito perudo, Mexicali, or Mexican , the game is played by betting on a rolled sum.

How To Play

Each player tosses a number of dice on the floor or a wide surface, looks at his dice, and covers them tightly so their partners don’t see.

Players then take turn by turn to bet on whose dice has the highest, each players calling up the dice on their turn. If previous player is incorrect, the calling player wins, otherwise the previous player wins.

7. Shut the Box

This dice game is played using a contraption made of wood to record the scores. It makes it to the top of the list since it’s one of the most remembered classic dice games still played today.

How To Play

The game is played by having the player roll two dice. By doing so, they mark off possible number combinations of 2-9 or 10 which add up to the sum total of the rolled dice.

This process is continued until unmarked numbers cannot be marked anymore for a given roll. A players turn ends when they score their marked numbers.

8. Ten Pins

This classical dice game is a dice version of ten-pin bowling, usually played using 2 dice as well as a score-sheet for recording results.

How To Play

A total of ten rounds also known as “frames” are usually played. Each player take turns to roll the dice three times. At some point, he may have to leave 1 or the both dice at the end their throw.

Players scores are recorded by the overall number of shown spots after final throw. Then, the players will throw both dice twice on the 1st throw if they missed throwing a 5. But, on on the 2nd throw, players may throw again with 1 and 2, and hold their dice with 3 and 4, depending on the choice of players.


There is no doubt that the classical dice games are mostly played among families, closely knitted friends or a group of colleagues with mutual understanding.

As with other games, there are rules to each dice game but in most cases, they are easy to learn and can be a lot of fun.

Eric Santorum

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