Let’s admit it, every video game enthusiast has used a game cheat at least once. A game cheat involves a player advantage using a non-typical game method. It is quite popular among many gamers as it can make the game either a lot easier or more challenging.

There are three ways to incorporate a game cheat:
• The first way can be through a code devised by the game developers themselves that the player activates within the game.
• The second involves a third-party software or hardware that you install in the game.
• The third one, which is possibly the most common, is exploiting and taking advantage of unintended software bugs within the game.

Almost all video games on the market can be played with cheats and the gamers who know how to use them well undoubtedly result to higher scores and better overall performance.

Cheats can easily be incorporated in most games, including the very popular Mario Kart series. The list below shows some of the most successful cheats on the Mario Kart Double Dash, which you can use to get a huge advantage in the game.

1. Falling stars on the rainbow road

Lots of stars fall near the edge of the rainbow road. These stars turn into helpful items, so you can try to retrieve them as carefully as you can, as most of them fall very near the edge. Be careful when retrieving them though, as they are colored yellow just like the banana peels.

2. Balloon Battle Mode on Pipe Plaza

This glitch is quite simple, yet not everyone knows it! In the balloon mode on the Pipe Plaza map, do not fret if you got hit by an enemy with their weapon! Surprisingly, you will not lose a balloon. Instead, it will look like you went through the pipe and come out of it with stars around you.

3. Quick Mushroom Boost

In the Mushroom City map, there are mushroom-shaped vehicles on the road. Those cars are supposed to be hit for you to collect the mushrooms. Just run into them and see a mushroom be thrown for you – instant boost indeed.

4. Lakitu Turbo Boost

Falling off the tracks is such a nuisance, but not when you wait for Latiku to pull you up! Latiku will retrieve you and put you back on the track, and for a quick turbo boost, do not touch on the track right away. You have to wait for a few moments before you press the acceleration. With the correct timing, the turbo boost is definitely a huge advantage.

5. Unlock everything

Among all the Mario Kart Double Dash cheats, this is probably the most used. All rewards can actually be unlocked on the game! You just have to win Gold on each cup on all levels.

For example, winning the Mushroom Cup in 150CC allows you to unlock Luigi’s Mansion battle arena. Birdo’s Kart can be unlocked by winning the Flower Cup in 150CC class. Winning the All Cup Tour trophy in mirror mode will get you to unlock the Parade Car with the stats of Speed 4, Acceleration 3, and Weight 4.

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