Fun Online Browser Games to Play With Friends

Browser games are some of the most enjoyable games that exist. There’s nothing quite like loading up a web page and immediately playing a game. This is in stark contrast with most games these days, where you need to download a game and install it before you can play.

Most downloadable games are multiple gigabytes of size, meaning long download times unless your internet is lightning fast.

Most browser games are made in either Adobe Flash or Javascript. Without further ado, lets count down some of our favorite browser games to play with friends.

1. Forge of Empires

Forge of empires is a popular game involving city building, player versus player action, and multiple types of units. It’s a game that is easy to sink many hours of time into, but doesn’t require constant babysitting in order to survive.

It’s the perfect balance between wanting to play and needing to play. The best feature is that it’s totally multiplayer and able to be played with others.

2. Dark Orbit

Dark orbit is a space style game which is awesome to play with friends in your browser. It requires adobe flash player which most browsers already have. All you need to do is sign up and get right into the action. There’s a ton of things to do and experience, so no worrying about getting bored any time soon!

3. Contract Wars

Contract wars is an incredible browser masterpiece. It brings an action packed shooter game with the same style of Call of Duty to the browser. The graphics are very impressive, especially for a browser game. This is a great game to hop on and play a few rounds if your short on time, or binge all day with friends.

Eric Santorum

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