Elex is a Role Playing Game (RPG) with a massive virtual environment in which you can engage in exciting adventures. It is set in a post-apocalyptic and magical fantasy land where you get to battle enemies and create alliances too. The game is developed by Piranha Bytes. The developers are famous for creating the Gothic Series of games too. To keep you entertained, Elex features a wide collection of mutated creatures and original characters. The story requires you to make strong moral choices while participating in powerful action too. Here are some tips, tricks and guides on how to play Elex, and emerge victorious.

Keep an eye on your combat statistics

As you play Elex, you will come across a variety of enemy characters and malicious creatures. You will engage them in combat to survive. While fighting them, you should pay attention to your combat statistics. They are indicated on your screen in form of a health bar and a stamina bar. Note that your stamina improves as you make maneuvers and strategies during fights. On the other hand, your health depletes if you take hits from an enemy. Ensure that you complete fights successfully before your health bar is completely depleted so as to stay alive.

Skills to buy

While playing this game, you can buy skills with points that you amass during progress. One of the most important skills which you should purchase is that of modifying weapons. It is known as “Modify Weapons” and helps you to adjust your weapons to make them more powerful. You will need powerful weaponry to take down bigger enemies as you progress in the game.

Save your games often

The Elex game is set on a planet which is known as Magalan. It is highly dangerous and any spot outside protected sections can end with you dead. There are dangerous beasts and bandits around every corner. Therefore, save your game as often as you can to preserve progress in case you are ambushed and killed. This is especially important in the first few hours of the game.

Checking special screens does not pause Elex

Unlike most other games, activating a special screen during game-play does not pause the action. Examples of these are equipment, maps, and character screens. When you open these screens, you are still vulnerable to attacks since it does not pause the game.

Collect as much as you can

Your character in the game has unlimited storage space. Therefore, you should collect everything that you come across. Seemingly worthless items such as junk can still be sold earning you points.

Fly as much as you can

In Elex, your character Jax has access to a jetpack. It allows you to fly and view areas that seem inaccessible. This piece of equipment also makes it easier for you to explore the planet. By using the jetpack, you can explore mountains, valleys, tall buildings and cliffs too.

Flee if you are overwhelmed

The world of Elex is filled with powerful foes. You can come across a deadly beast even in the first few levels of play. In case this happens and you are sure of losing the fight, simply use the jetpack or a sprint to flee. Preserve your life so as to make some progress and earn some more powerful weapons.


Elex is a Role Playing Game which has received many positive reviews. Its graphics are excellent, the story is solid and the virtual world is huge. The tips above can help you to get started and emerge successful in the game. They are all tested and true.

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