Top DnD Dice Sets of 2020

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Our Top DnD Die Set Choices

1. Smartdealspro 5 x 7-Die Series Two Colors Dungeons and Dragons

This is one of our favorite DnD Dice sets. These dice are durable, have a good weight, and feel great in the hand. They are expertly balanced and do what they are intended to do perfectly!

2. CiaraQ 35 Pieces Polyhedral Dice

This set is our second favorite dnd dice set, and comes with carrying cases as well. The colors are awesome and easy to differentiate, and they feel sturdy and precise in your hand.

dnd dice3. Assorted Polyhedral Dice Set with Black Drawstring Bag

This is our third pick and a great set which includes a huge drawstring bag to tote these around wherever you may be going. They feel durable and look awesome. The painting and engraving looks very well done. The bag appears to be able to hold a huge amount!

4. Smartdealspro 6 x 7 Sets(42 Pieces) Two Colors

This kit comes in fourth on our list, and is still a great option for your dungeons and dragons dice needs. It comes with many different cases and the colors are vivid and easy to distinguish.

5. Truewon Role Playing Games Metal Dice Set of 7

This kit comes in fifth on our list, and it’s most distinguishing feature is the clarity of the numbering. The underscoring on some d20 dice can be very bad and hard to read, but you won’t have that problem here!

6. Yotako 35 Pieces Polyhedral Dice Set D4 D6 D8 D10 D12 D20 Dice

This is another great dnd dice set, it comes with all of the things you will need, including the famous dungeons and dragons d20 dice.

7. eBoot 35 Pieces Polyhedral Dice Double-Colors

Our favorite thing about the eBoot dnd dice kit is the coloring and artwork. The high quality art really sets this kit apart, the only downside is that the carrying bags seem a bit on the smaller side.

DnD Dice Review Conclusion

Overall, these are our top picks because they are easily affordable and durable, we hope you like them!

Eric Santorum

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