Premium Agario Hacks, Cheats, and Bots List


Step 1. Go to

Step 2. Copy this code snippet:

a=document.getElementById("canvas"),b=this.onkeydown,c=this.onkeyup,d=a.onmousemove,e=a.width/2,f=a.height/2,this.onkeydown=function(g){b(g),83!=g.keyCode||(e=-100000),68!=g.keyCode||(f=100000),69!=g.keyCode||(f=-100000),70!=g.keyCode||(e=100000),d({clientX:e,clientY:f})},this.onkeyup=function(g){c(g),83!=g.keyCode||(e=a.width/2),68!=g.keyCode||(f=a.height/2),69!=g.keyCode||(f=a.height/2),70!=g.keyCode||(e=a.width/2),d({clientX:e,clientY:f})},a.onmousemove=null,alert("You're ready to play with ESDF!");

Step 3. Using Chrome, open the Javascript Console(Click here for Tutorial) and paste the above code in.

Step 4. Enjoy your new Javascript Keyboard Hack!

UnKnOwN’s Agario Bot

This agario bot is extremely intelligent as can make it to first place very quickly if you set it up properly.

This is a cloud based bot and does not require any downloads. Navigate to this link by clicking here and type in the password: GAMEOVERQ5P6! Mass Hack and Bot

Step 1: Navigate to this GitHub

Step 2: Open the ReadME.MD File and follow the instructions

Step 3: Enjoy your Auto Playing Bot and Mass Hack! Movement Speed Hack

Step 1: Make sure you have the latest version of Google Chrome Installed

Step 2: Make sure if you have any ad-blocking chrome extensions you pause or disable them temporarily

Step 3: Navigate to this URL(click here)

Step 4: Follow the instructions listed in the Readme file.

Step 5: Enjoy your Movement Speed Hack!

PS: Be sure you are using Chrome and not Firefox or Edge, we have had users who report this hack is not working because they are using the wrong web browser! No Collision Hack

Step 1: Before using this hack we warn you to be very careful about not being too obvious with it. We have not heard of any users getting banned, however, this hack is extremely obvious, as when someone bigger than you collides with you nothing happens.

Step 2: Ensure Chrome is fully updated

Step 3: Open your web browser and navigate to this URL

Step 4: Open Readme.txt and follow the instructions

Step 5: Enjoy your new collision hack! Split Timer Hack

Step 1: Ensure Google Chrome is fully updated.

Step 2: Open your web browser and navigate to our GitHub(click here)

Step 3: Open the Readme.txt file included in the repository and follow the instructions carefully.

Step 4: Enjoy splitting and regrouping whenever you want!